• Dancing evening, Piazza Erbe

    Dancing evening, Piazza Erbe

  • Course of Fencing with Fabrizio Orsini

    Course of Fencing with Fabrizio Orsini

  • Course of Music and Horses at the Les Hauts de Corsinge and HEM in Geneve

    Course of Music and Horses at the Les Hauts de Corsinge and HEM in Geneve

7th International School of Improvisation 2023

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3-8 July 2023


S. Pietro in Lavagno, Verona - ITALY

An all encompassing experience, ... you won't view the world in the same way again.





More details coming soon:

Accommodation, Timetable and Activities


Improvisation is a skill that more and more people want to learn: dealing with the fear of empty space, stylistic issues, and the difficulties of achieving Good Taste while expressing ourselves.
This course in Music Improvisation aims to accompany musicians in their journey of discovery, gradually and personally, focusing on historical elements as well as modern-day psychological aspects, giving a solid foundation for any sort of stylistic studies. The result is not just about being able to add a few notes to an existing score.

The major goals of the improviser are:

  • to become aware of the connection between performing and composing.
  • to become flexible and prepared in the communicative dynamics within an ensemble.
  • to improve the capacity to communicate that which one wishes to express.

The course in Improvisation gives everyone the possibility to express themselves, by understanding and putting into practice the historical expressive codes.

The Helicona method is supported by strategies taken from other disciplines including Dancing, Theatre, Fencing and Horse-riding. The broad range of supporting “parallel” arts/subjects aim to facilitate the opening of the mind. They are also valuable resources which can be adopted and used in any communication strategies.


Principal courses:

Improvisation for voice, melodic and harmonic instruments - Davide Monti / Maria Christina Cleary
Cantare super Librum (Contrappunto alla mente) - Antoine Schneider
Rhetoric and Gesture - Francesca Gualandri

Music in action:

Horses - Tiziana Raspini - Chiara Santi
Fencing - Fabrizio Orsini
Improvisation on the Commedia dell'Arte - Matteo Spiazzi
Dance - Ilaria Sainato

Principles of communication in music & Specia topics:

Attunement and Sounding Discourses - Dario Benatti
Music in the dark - Maria Christina Cleary
Music and Memory - Davide Monti / Alberto Fabris
Rhetoric of Gardens - Giardino Giusti, Verona

Evening Activity:

Tafelmusik in the City - Ristaurants
Concerto Finale -


Helicona Project info@helicona.it
Associazione Italiana Cultura Sport (AICS) verona@aics.it


Course Fee: The course consists of approx. 40 hours tuition

325 € EARLY BIRD PRICE UNTIL EASTER (9th of APRIL '23) -  payment of the full amount

- Scholarships may be available for students who require them. Kindly write to us.
- Kindly write to us if you need special documentation for accreditation.
- A non-refundable fee of € 50 is required for registration. It covers insurance and the registration with the Helicona Association.
On your request Helicona can provide accommodation in a partner structure



We are estabilishing agreements with local restaurants for a convenient service.


The course will be held in English and Italian.
The pitch will be preferably A=415 Hz

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