• Dressage Course, Music and horses at SG Ranch

    Dressage Course, Music and horses at SG Ranch

  • Fencing Course with Fabrizio Orsini

    Fencing Course with Fabrizio Orsini

  • Course of Commedia dell'Arte, with Alessandro Bressanello

    Course of Commedia dell'Arte, with Alessandro Bressanello

  • Course of Rhetoric and Gesture with Francesca Gualandri

    Course of Rhetoric and Gesture with Francesca Gualandri

  • Course of Contrappunto alla mente with Niels Berentsen

    Course of Contrappunto alla mente with Niels Berentsen

International School of Improvisation - July 2020

Ready for the 6th edition of


6-14 July 2020, VERONA, IT

An all encompassing experience, ... you won't view the world in the same way any more.

SIGN UP NOW (2020)

The following information will guide you to see what the edition of the 2019 has been, waiting for the novelties of the 2020!
Improvisation is a skill that more and more people want to learn: dealing with the fear of empty space, stylistic issues, and the difficulties of achieving Good Taste while expressing ourselves.
This course in Music Improvisation aims to accompany musicians in their journey of discovery, gradually and personally, focusing on historical elements as well as modern-day psychological aspects, giving a solid foundation for any sort of stylistic studies. The result is not just about being able to add a few notes to an existing score.

The major goals of the improviser are:

  • to become aware of the connection between performing and composing.
  • to become flexible and prepared in the communicative dynamics within an ensemble.
  • to improve the capacity to communicate that which one wishes to express.

The course in Improvisation gives everyone the possibility to express themselves, by understanding and putting into practice the historical expressive codes.

The Helicona method is supported by strategies taken from other disciplines including Dancing, Theatre, Fencing and Horse-riding. The broad range of supporting “parallel” arts/subjects aim to facilitate the opening of the mind. They are also valuable resources which can be adopted and used in any communication strategies.

Principal courses:
Improvisation for voice, melodic and harmonic instruments - Davide Monti (Artistic Direction) - Maria Christina Cleary
Cantare super Librum (Contrappunto alla mente) - Niels Berentsen
Rhetoric and Gesture - Francesca Gualandri

Workshops: Music in action

Rhetoric: From gardens to communication in music - Giardini Giusti
Dressage - Corte Molon
Fencing - Fabrizio Orsini
Dance - Lucio Paolo Testi
Improvisation on the Commedia dell'Arte - Lorenzo Bassotto

Principles of communication in music:

Attunement and Sounding Discourses - Raffaella Pellegrini


Two more Workshops:

Music and Memory -  Matteo Zenatti
Music in the dark - Maria Christina Cleary

Evening Activity:

Opening Concert - Concerti del Chiostro del Conservatorio - Arparla
Baroquejam - Krishna Nagaraja
Tafelmusik in the City - Ristaurants in the centre
Concerto Finale - Chiesa di S. Fermo - All


Helicona Project info@helicona.it
Associazione Italiana Cultura Sport (AICS) verona@aics.it
in the rooms of the Conservatorio "E.F. Dall'Abaco "- Verona
Via Abramo Massalongo, 2, 37121 Verona VR


Course Fee: (in brachets, the fee per day in case you attend for just some days and not the complete course)

Active participants, Master and professional € 600 (or € 100 per day)
Active participants students, pre-Bachelors level € 450 (or € 75 per day)
Listeners € 200 (or € 40 per day)
For the students of the Conservatory in Verona the fee is 300 € (or 60 € per day).
Volunteers minor (16-17 years old) are invited to contribute to the success of the Course. The Fee of 200 € include the insurance.
A non-refundable fee of € 50 is required for registration. It will provide the insurance and the registrationa as Associate to Helicona. This will be deducted from the course fee.
On your request Helicona can provide accommodation in a partner structure at the cost of 55€ per night in single room, with breakfast and air-conditioning.


The course will be held in English and Italian.
The pitch will be preferably A=415 Hz
  8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
  Empathy Rhythm Melody Harmony Form Affects Dialogue Communication
9,30   Improv. Improv. Improv. Improv. Improv. Rhetoric Rhetoric and
              of Gardens Good Taste
11,30 Welcome Improv. Rhetoric Rhetoric Rhetoric Rhetoric    
      /Gesture /Gesture /Gesture /Gesture    
14,30   Dressage Fencing Dance Fencing Dance Theatre Theatre
15,30 Dialogue              
16,00 Sonoro              
    Workshop Workshop Cantare Cantare Cantare Cantare  
17,00   Music & Music & al Libro al Libro al Libro al Libro Concert
    Memory Blindness         Final
20,00       Tafelmusik     Tafelmusik  
20,30   Baroquejam Baroquejam in the city     in the city  
21,00 Opening              

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