• "I was shown a multitude of connections that I had never seen before". Kirsten

  • "...improvising is actually leading to a reflexion of ourselves and therefore an amazing « therapy » to discover who I am, how I am behaving and what I want". Antonie

  • "I didn’t expect to discover so many new things for me". Antoine


  • "With the assistance of many highly-skilled and knowledgeable tutors, Davide coalesces and transcends a raft of seemingly disparate academic, physical, and musical knowledges into practical tools for refined musical expression. To me, this was astonishing". Kirsten

  • "Davide and the Helicona team have created a truly unique and genuinely exciting learning experience, which I would strongly recommend to any musician". Kirsten

  • Course of Fencing with Fabrizio Orsini

    Course of Fencing with Fabrizio Orsini

OPEN DAY Fencing - Dancing - Music

Blog Post

Are you ready to increase your performance?

Have you wondered why there is more and more talk of multidisciplinarity, of multi-sensory experiences, of Synesthesia, of a holistic approach? The answer lies in the fact that we have grown up in a compartmentalized world and we have not developed connections between the various disciplines we do, even if we do them at a high level.

What HELICONA offers you is just that! An absolutely innovative experience, and at the same time an ancient one, where you can connect several disciplines at the same time, which was actually idealized and practiced already in the Renaissance in the figure of the COURTESAN.

Music, the queen of the Muses, acted as a binder thanks to the enormous power of abstraction, at the same time emotional and rational, connecting other disciplines with a concrete gesture, as in this case Fencing and Dance.

With an innovative pedagogy you will be invited to experience in a protected context the limits of your body, the open doors of creativity, and the empathical connection with others: in practice these are the Soft Skills so sought after by the new models of Business Management.

Your participation may be an opportunity to:

  • have fun
  • be selected to participate in a multidisciplinary group show.
  • Imagine and propose an innovative initiative in your club, an alternative musical group, a course in an alternative discipline.
  • follow other Helicona courses
  • meet new people with the same interests as you

Don't think that this is the end of the story, because the best results will be felt first of all on yourself, experiencing how a transversal approach makes you master of yourself and allows you to act with freshness, effectiveness and engaging energy.

If you're interested in everything you've read so far, come and take part in Helicona's free OPEN DAY:

much more content and exciting activities await you!

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