• "I was shown a multitude of connections that I had never seen before". Kirsten

  • "...improvising is actually leading to a reflexion of ourselves and therefore an amazing « therapy » to discover who I am, how I am behaving and what I want". Antonie

  • "I didn’t expect to discover so many new things for me". Antoine


  • "With the assistance of many highly-skilled and knowledgeable tutors, Davide coalesces and transcends a raft of seemingly disparate academic, physical, and musical knowledges into practical tools for refined musical expression. To me, this was astonishing". Kirsten

  • "Davide and the Helicona team have created a truly unique and genuinely exciting learning experience, which I would strongly recommend to any musician". Kirsten

The method - for teachers 4,5,6 July 2021

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4, 5, 6 July, 2021 Verona - Italy


deadline for enrolment: June 30, 2021

Would you like to learn a strategy to help you in your job as a teacher?
Or you may like to become a Helicona trainer?

Helicona proposes a course to learn how to use improvisation in a multidisciplinary and a historical environment as an educational strategy in order to develop:

  • improvisation skills (change management and problem-solving)
  • general musicianship (nurture choices in Good Taste)
  • communication strategies
  • self-confidence
  • community awareness.

The course is aimed at teachers and people interested in becoming Helicona trainers, to understand the philosophy that underlies the Helicona method and give tools to use this methodology effectively.

Topics of the Course:

  • Research into Balance, Historical Balance, Inner Balance
  • Communication strategies and Rhetoric
  • Strategies for improvisation, dynamics for listening and reacting
  • Multidisciplinary and historical approach, and efficiency of a gesture
  • Applications of the method

Activities of the Course:

  • Lectures
  • Workshop on the importance of mistakes (with Francesca Corrado)
  • Workshop on a multidisciplinary approach
  • Workshop on musical strategies (Rhythm, Melody, Harmony)
  • Musical Jam sessions

The course will be run by Davide Monti & Maria Cleary, founders of the Helicona method, with special intervention by Francesca Corrado (Founder of "Scuola di Fallimento").

Details about this method can be found on the website Helicona.it. A book about Helicona will soon be available.

More details about this event will be available soon on this page.

The course fee is 300€, and an additional 50€ for new subscribers to Helicona Association for this current year.


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