Annual Seminars - Concept

Blog Post
Another chance to master the interests that attract us today
and discover the ones we will enjoy tomorrow,
and understand how Music can improve our standard of wellbeing in life.


During the year we organise Seminars (3,4 days each) to deepen some topics related to music improvisation, that involve transversely different arts and activities (singing, theatre, dance, fencing, painting, but also psychology, neurology, business management, and social activities).

Thanks to theoretical and practical workshops, we invite participants (professional people as well as students) to let music being approached from different points of view, in order to develop alternative strategies in comprehension and communication in music, as well as understand the incredible power of music for our health and well-being.

With the help of specialised teachers the Seminars will be a experimental meeting point were the single experience of each participant will meet the complexity of social applications in which each topic (in each Seminar) is involved: the result is a process of interaction between performers and different categories of the society (young people, elderly people, hospitalised, people with diseases, people in prison, but also managers, and researcher, music lovers) in which the benefits of the relationship are equal from both sides.


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