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Learning to improvise requires time...

Build your competence!

...and come to an IMPRODAY

15.9.2017 Verona, ITALIA
8.11.2017 Exeter, ENGLAND
1.12.2017 Chivasso, ITALIA
13.12.2017 Bern, SWITZERLAND


IMPRODAY is a day or part of a day dedicated to improvisation OR designed for all lovers of improvisation:

  • who lack the opportunities to experiment with group improvisation
  • who want to refresh their skills already learned during a HELICONA course
  • who want to have pleasure and enjoyment while learning
  • who want to discover what does it mean to improvise

Learning to improvise requires time, time to teach the brain and the fingers to react quickly yet with solutions of Good Taste. For these reasons, it is necessary to regularly practice the strategies learned during a HELICONA course.

It can also be an opportunity for new curious people who want to know what the HELICONA method is about.



Play, play, play.

Experience your own solutions and historical ones, with the suggestions from a coach.

Learn new bass lines, rhythmic and melodic solutions, and their contextual significance.




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