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Here is where you will find the answers to your questions.

Please contac info at helicona.it if you to ask something that you can not find included in this list.


Shall I have to be good in improvisation to participate to this course?

No you don't need to be experienced in improvisation. We will work on this an we will give you the instruments to learn to connect your ears and your eyes to your fingers, without using any score. It is better thow, to be enough confident with your instrument in order to not to feel to embaraced in finding the note you would like to do.


I am scared to do mistakes. I would like not to be scared like I am.

This is the right place for you. Mistakes are important steps of our growth, and everyone in the course will take care of eachother in orther to transform the mistakes in somethig important for our development.


Is this course only for professional musicians?

No, this course is not only for professional musicians. Everybody is "naked" in front of improvisation, and sometime professional musicans are more scared than amateurs.


I feel comfortable with improvisation but I never experienced Helicona Courses before. Can I register to the second level?

No. Helicona is a method that implies a particular pedagogy and the comprehension of this process is gradual. You will be able to do the subjects of the second level after doing the onces of the first level and when you will fill comofortable with them.



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